News and Events

  1. CITIGEN Session at AWID Forum 2012

    IT for Change, on behalf of CITIGEN, held a session at the AWID Forum 2012 entitled 'Understanding 'network society' - Political economy conversations with the CITIGEN research community'. The session was structured as a World Café and was hosted by members of the CITIGEN network. A movie was created to be shown at the forum. The movie can be seen below:

  2. CITIGEN at ICTD 2012

    The fifth international conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development (ICTD 2012) hosted at the Georgia Institute of Technology was held from March 12th to 15th, 2012 in Atlanta, USA. CITIGEN participated and held an open session titled 'How the information society recasts women's citizenship – Stories from the CITIGEN programme'. Anita Gurumurthy, Desiree Lewis, Kate Lappin and Parminder Jeet Singh represented the network at the event. Four short movies were created to share the views and images from the CITIGEN research. These were as below:

    Story 1: Freedoms and capabilities

    The presentation explores how freedom of expression needs to be problematised, and the wider notion of communication rights invoked, to argue the case for mobile phone access by migrant, women domestic workers in Asia.

    Story 2: The good, the ambiguous and the ugly

    The interplay of women's citizenship in digital spaces with macro and meso level structures was examined through threads from different CITIGEN researches.

    Story 3: Open and shut

    The idea of digital space and the public sphere was teased out from the standpoint of marginalised women who were interviewed in different research sites of CITIGEN.

    Story 4: Innovation and sub-cultures

    How the digital could present subversive spaces for localised action, was presented through a case study from CITIGEN.

  3. Mobilise: A guide for domestic workers' organisation created by APWLD

    Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development with funding support for IT for Change created a guide for domestic workers' organisations. It was produced with inputs from domestic workers in Taiwan. Women domestic workers have the right to make their voices heard and use the law as an instrument of change. This publication can be a powerful tool for domestic workers' organisations and domestic worker advocates to take steps to organise workers, and themselves, with the resources they already have on hand.

  4. CITIGEN at Internet Governance Forum 2011

    IT for Change participated in an APC pre-event workshop on 'Internet Governance and Women's Rights' held just before the Internet Governance Forum (Kenya) which took place from the 27th to 30th of September 2011. A Research Brief: 'Insights along the way- A mid-stream report of the CITIGEN research network' was disseminated at the workshop and the forum.


  5. Kerala team at Women in Politics Conference, East Timor 2011

    Binitha V. Thampi and J. Devika from the CITIGEN network attended the 2011 Women in Politics Conference that was held in Dili, East Timor between 29 September – 1 October. Titled 'Amplifying the Voices of Women in Politics: The Second Asia-Pacific Conference on Women in Politics and Governance', the conference provided an opportunity for feminists from the region to collaboratively ideate on the issues and challenges that women's participation in politics has thrown up.


  6. IT for Change at MobilePlus, Chennai 2011

    Chloé Zollman and Arpita Joshi from IT for Change made a presentation entitled 'Recasting the potential of mobile phones for gender equality' at the MobilePlus Conference, held in MSSRF (Chennai), 15-17 September 2011. The presentation reflected the ongoing work on the think piece being developed by IT for Change.


  7. What ICTs can do for gender responsive service delivery. UN Women workshop

    Anita Gurumurthy attended the UNWomen workshop on 'Leading Innovations for Gender Responsible Service Delivery' at Dar-es Salam, Tanzania (21-22 June 2011). The workshop was part of the United Nations Public Service Forum being organised by UN DESA along with other UN entities such as UNODC. Anita spoke on 'What information and communications technologies can do for gender responsive service delivery', presenting ITfC's experiences from the field project of Prakriye - Centre of Community Informatics and Development and the CITIGEN programme.


  8. Insights from CITIGEN in FLACSO publication

    Following her presentation and participation in the the conference on 'Gender equity policies - New scenarios, actors and articulations' (Buenos Aires, Argentina in November 2010), Anita Gurumurthy has written a chapter entitled 'Scenarios, actors and articulations - A feminist, network society reading' which includes insights from CITIGEN, for the forthcoming publication by FLACSO called 'Gender Equity in prospective: research and policies', edited by Gloria Bonder.


  9. CITIGEN insights in UNDP e-discussion

    In a response to an invitation to IT for Change for participating in an e-discussion on 'New media and democratic space' organised by UNDP's Asia Pacific Regional Centre, we presented the emerging insights from the CITIGEN programme. Specifically, we shared the findings from India, Sri Lanka and China project along with the perspective provided by Farida Shaheed in her Think Piece.