July 2010 Workshop

IT for Change hosted the inception meeting of the research network on Gender and Citizeship in the Information Society on 27-30 July 2010 in Bengaluru. The four-day workshop combined instructional, peer-to-peer, self-reflexive group work, and debate formats to co-construct knowledge and action frameworks around feminist engagement in the information society. The research teams presented their work and critically engaged with one another in large and small-group discussions to build a shared understanding of the programme goals, scope, and theoretical background. The discussions were supported by the Programme Advisors Lisa McLaughlin and Srilatha Batliwala, as well as resource persons: Gita Sen, Manjima Bhattacharjya and Maya Nair. Click here to read the workshop report.

During the workshop, the grantees who attended the workshop were interviewed about their work, and the research project they were starting for the CITIGEN programme.

Ip Iam Chong (China)


Sarala Emmanuel (Sri Lanka)


Hsiao-Chuan Hsia (Thailand-Taiwan)


Sylvia Estrada Claudio (Philippines)