Interviews from the Research Validation Meeting (15-17 February 2012)


Interview with Philippa Smales

Philippa Smales, Researcher, Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development, Thailand, briefly describes the different situations encountered by migrant women domestic worker in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Interview with Andrea Cornwall

Andrea Cornwall, Professor, University of Sussex UK, talks about feminism in the emerging network society and challenges encountered by women at the final meeting of the CITIGEN network in Bengaluru, India.


Interview with Desiree Lewis and Crystal Orderson

Desiree Lewis, Associate Professor, University of the Western Cape, South Africa and Crystal Orderson, Specialist Correspondent, SABC News, South Africa, talk about the violence against women and the representations of it in the media in South Africa.

Interview with Lam Oi Wan

Lam Oi Wan, Regional Editor for Northeast Asia,, China, talks about their two-year research project in Hong Kong and Guangzhou. She addresses the difficulties in conducting a research and even discusses her learnings during the course of the project.

Interview with Graciela Selaimen

Graciela Selaimen, Coordinator, Instituto Nupef, Brazil, talks about techno-phobia among women and new approaches to addressing the issue.

Interview with Lisa McLaughlin

Lisa McLaughlin, Associate Professor, Miami, University, USA, addresses the new challenges faced by women in the network society. She also talks about feminists and the importance of their critique of citizenship in the context of the emerging information society.

Interview with Srilatha Batliwala

Srilatha Batliwala, Associate Scholar, AWID, India, addresses the need for feminists to look at the ways in which women have succeeded in the past in confronting the core power relations and apply that principle in the emerging network society.

Interview with Leslie Shade

Dr. Leslie Shade is an Associate Professor at Concordia University’s Department of Communication Studies. Her research and teaching focuses on social, policy, and ethical aspects of ICTs, political economy of the media, feminist media studies and Canadian communication studies. We interviewed her on 4 February, 2012 over e-mail, to understand her perspectives on feminist engagement with digital spaces.

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