Videos from the Brazil Yalodês project: We're Connected!

These videos were produced as part of the Yalodês Action Research Project, which is being carried out in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as part of the Women-Gov initiative. In these videos, the participating women discuss their relationship with technology and the internet, as well as the challenges they face in their every-day lives with using technologies ranging from not being able to properly use ATMs, not having access to a bank account and not knowing how to properly use the Internet. They highlight the importance of being able to access information online, and discuss the barriers to using ICTs that come from, for example, unaffordable costs of usage as well as crowded, loud and chaotic internet cafés that are not always the most comfortable locations for these women to practice their ICT skills.. These stories and accounts clearly highlight the immense effect that lack of basic technology skills can have on the lives of these women, and how empowering it can be for them to gain more skills and therefore more confidence, and feel a stronger sense of connectivity in today's Information Society.