South Africa

The South Africa component of the Women-gov project is housed within the University of the Western Cape, and the lead researcher on the project is Prof. Desiree Lewis. The main aims of the project are:

a. To conceptualise and produce knowledge forms and platforms that open up questions about public participation, gender and local governance in South Africa;

b. To support and enhance existing forms of knowledge creation currently being driven through traditional media, such as printed newsletters and activist theatre.

c. To establish the role of a telecentre in increasing young women’s knowledge production, public participation and involvement in local government;

d. To empower and train young women in using ICTs and social media to support their public participation; and to train and support women to develop creative and innovative and engaging ways for contributing to the participatory sphere, for example, through citizen journalism; devising low-cost communication networks, and digital storytelling;

e. To support young women’s ability to create subaltern counter-publics to exert pressure on local governance structures and systems.