Project Activities in Brazil


As part of the Women-Gov project, Instituto Nupef will be working with 39 women leaders and co-ordinators of Afro-religion centres based in 13 poor communities of Rio de Janeiro. These women are a part of the NGO Criola's Multiversidade programme that attempts to strengthen black women's capacities in their feminist,anti-racist struggles within the communities they are a part of.

Instituto Nupef will be initiating activities along the following lines:

  • Enhancing the empowerment processes of women in these communities through the collection of histories; organising discussions based on feminist literature, films and photographs; and the production of short videos.

  • Offering workshops for enhancing women's capacities in using ICTs and producing multimedia content and thus strengthening women's leadership through their use of ICTs.

  • Organising community-level workshops, panels and discussions, on the following issues: the architecture of the local governance and spaces of citizen participation;affirmative policies and democracy; online mechanisms for the promotion and defence of rights; Internet and political participation; e-governance, transparency and public accountability; Internet and access to information.

  • Organising workshops on issues related to online privacy and security for local leaders and human rights activists.

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