Yalodês - Photography Workshop

 On August 22nd the Yalodês Project held a Basic Photography Workshop, ministered by the young and talented photographer Valda Nogueira. In total, twenty-four women came to participate: from experienced religious and community leaders to their young assistants.The photography workshop was driven, as is the research process as a whole, by the will to strengthen marginalised women's active citizenship and their participation in local governance, through technology, information and communication.The goal of the workshop was to explore photography as a tool that empowers women in multiple ways: empowers them to see what is around them with confidence; empowers their creativity as individuals who have a personal stance and perspective towards anything and everything; and, strengthens women to tell those particular stories, to show those 'insignificant' details, and from this denounce injustices and claim change. Photography, information and technology, for change.The workshop was a great success; Yalodês are now doing their homework: practicing what they learned with their own cameras, digital, analogic, disposable, cell phone cameras. The important thing is to use what you have in the best way you can.We had a special participant in this workshop, who played the part of a "graphic facilitator": Julia Frederico jotted down all the ideas, thoughts and feelings that flowed throughout the workshop with words, drawings, collages. Julia's visual art thinks creatively, acts politically, and inspires through and through. Please find below a visual record of this special day of learning and experience sharing.